Virtual Dance

Curating Norway's Dance Heritage: A Virtual Dance Museum for Oslo
Currently, VDM is in a process to construct and instal an augmented Dance Museum in Oslo, Norway.  The Project has two parts.

The first part of the project is a collaboration between Stargate Media, VDM and five selected museums in Oslo; and is expected to be funded by the Art Council of Norway.

The second part of the project is a collaboration between the Norwegian centre for Folk Music and Folk dance,  VDM and Stargate Media; and its fund is expected to come from Fritord and Innovasjon Norge.

The production is a scene based augmented performance which dancers from various dance genres are filmed using 360 VR camera inside and outside five selected museums and heritage sites in Norway,

Whilst working with the Virtual Reality and other media experts, the choreographic and artistic team will develop new ways of interacting museum and heritage site visitors by inhabiting art spaces, which, in turn, will provide virtual landscapes for dance as an art and heritage to inhabit.