Virtual Dance

The Interaction Between Virtual Reality and Dance Museum
offers our senses a new world
Virtual Reality and Dance Museum are relatively new phenomenon. However, there are distinctive features that they both share in common. The immediate causes that make them to stand together are the creative development and expansion of digital technology and the field of dance knowledge. But they are also a result of the development of a philosophical thinking which dealt for thousands of years with the nature and structure of the world as a whole.

Compare to Virtual Reality, dance (Museum) appears to be the least practical field because of its ephemeral nature. If  we agree with the idea of the British Ethnomusicologist John Blacking that "the power of dance rests in acts of performance by dancers and spectators alike",  however, dance Museum can serve as a testing ground for the practical applications of the digital technologies generally: if dance Museum can be used as a site for practical construction, then virtual reality and Dance Museum generally also have not only the potential to change that which they present, but also how the visitors should interact  with dance  Per se and safeguarding activities.

Virtual Reality until now has been applied in museums of tangible heritage.
But why not turn it into intangible Heritage such as dance, when the first virtual reality commission of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (Acmi),  is able to produce and solve some of the problems related to dance performance  and audience interaction by plunging the viewer straight into the middle of a contemporary dance piece. "After putting the virtual reality headset on, the audience finds themselves inside an auditorium where a dance work is about to begin. A cut, and you have woken up in the middle of the performance; another cut, and you are now on stage, surrounded by a dancing ensemble".

Acmi’s resulting production – and its emphasis on the interaction between  dance performance and viewers experience – is a good example of what dance museum and heritage could become in the future of virtual reality.

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